Project Description

Rutgers University Camden Campus
Camden, New Jersey

A historic and centrally located fountain at the Camden Campus of Rutgers University underwent renovation to address deterioration and structural failings. The Facility Management at Rutgers requested that SDA perform a condition survey to ascertain the sufficiency of these renovations and to identify corrective measures to maintain a watertight fountain system. SDA also designed a handicap entrance at the rear elevation and a new three story interior masonry elevator.

Our work for this project was recognized with the 2009 New Jersey Golden Trowel Award.

Princeton University Holder Hall
Princeton, New Jersey

Princeton University required new egress access for a new dorm room conversion. SDA designed the new doors and window headers and provided the means and methods design to replace the existing rubble stone foundation wall with a clean finish stone veneer.

University of Pennsylvania Woodlands Mansion
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Architect: John Milner Architects

The Woodlands Mansion, built by Andrew Hamilton, is a National Historic Landmark, one of the architectural masterpieces of 18th century America (c. 1787). The 250 acre property includes a complementary carriage house and stable (c. 1792) and an historic rural garden cemetery. The remains of noted Philadelphians Joseph Campbell, co-founder of Campbell Soup; William Bucknell, benefactor of Bucknell University; and Anthony J. Drexel, founder of Drexel University, among others, are buried here. In 2004, renovations were begun at Woodlands. SDA designed shoring and new structural steel posts that are concealed in the existing wood columns that surround the exterior portico. SDA also designed a handicap lift to enable public access.

Historic Barn Relocation to Kutztown University
Kutztown, Pennsylvania
Architect: John Milner Architects

Structural Design Associates inspected the Historic Merkey Barn located in Bethel Township. The purpose of the barn inspection was to evaluate the timber frame structure for disassembly and relocation to Kutztown University. The 5-bay barn was modified into a dairy barn and was in use during the 1970s. The metal roof shingles and corrugated decking have protected the timber structure. In 2011, the Merkey Barn has been successfully relocated and stored at Kutztown University. The University has contracted a master plan to reconstruct a historic cultural center on their campus. SDA has evaluated multiple timber frame buildings for the master plan to include log cabins, farmstead, toll house, and covered timber bridge.