Structural Design Associates offers the following services:

New Construction Services

  • Performing the design and analysis of new homes, renovation, and additions to existing structures.
  • Providing schematic design development, construction documentation, and field inspection reports.
  • Ensuring that project work is executed in compliance with construction documentation

Pre-purchase and Present-Condition Services

  • Providing purchasers and owners with comprehensive engineering surveys on present conditions and remediation recommendations.
  • Identifying structural distress, code violations, and construction problems in structure, façade, windows, and roofing.

Contractor Services

  • Providing construction administration support.
  • Managing the bid process and issue resolution.
  • Defining and controlling scope and costs.

Restoration Construction Services

  • Evaluating construction documentation to verify “as-built” conditions.
  • Developing short and long-term maintenance strategies, paired with construction management and field inspection.

Historic Services

  • Providing on-site inspection and structural analysis.
  • Preparing construction documents and plan remediation to preserve the historical integrity of structures.

SDA provides outstanding, value-added services and deliverables:

Capital Reserve Studies

  • A Capital Reserve Study estimates the amount of money which must be set aside for facility maintenance plans.  They can encompass some or all of a building’s systems:  architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing.

Studies & Reports

  • These documents are based on field surveys and inspections conducted by SDA engineers.
    The purpose of this work is to determine the feasibility of an addition or remodel; provide an “as-is” structural assessment and remediation recommendations; and ensure that a structure complies with current code standards.


  • Architectural drawings which show basic project layouts in broad scheme.

Preliminary Design Development Documents

  • These deliverables lay out the process by which, upon approval of the schematic design, an architect proceeds with development of the plans and elevation of a building. Drawings establishing all major elements and outlining specifications are prepared. A revised statement of probable construction cost is usually made at this time.

Construction Documents

  • These documents represent the last phase in the design process, finalizing the drawings and specifications for all components and systems of the building.

Bid Documents

  • Bid documents are written and graphic documents accompany them. They are used by contractors and vendors to prepare construction bids. A typical bid document might include construction drawings, specifications, instructions to bidders, a bid form, and other information used to derive cost estimates.

Construction Administration

  • These deliverables/services include field inspection reports, ensuring that contractors conduct work that conforms to construction documents. Also included are Shop Drawing reviews. Shop Drawings specify how building elements will be fabricated, what materials and finishes will be used, what accessories will be required, and who will be responsible for their supply and installation. It is critical that they are reviewed for accuracy, consistency, and completeness. Also included in Construction Administration are responses to contractor Requests for Information (RFIs).